MyCollegeFest is first of a kind platform which allows colleges & brands to connect across 300+cities Pan India at a click of the button.

The platform allows the brands to connect with the students at their college fests by simply sponsoring them. The uniqueness of the platform is not just the wide reach of colleges but also the fact that it allows both size and scale across different Streams, States, Cities and most important the opportunity to connect with more than 11 million students in India.


Only platform in India which allows the reader to select news as per personal preferences – choice of upto 5 categories/ topics. Selection can be modified on a daily basis.

News preferences can be defined by typing in the "Key words – topic, name of person or place, object or event" . The platform is designed to search, sort & display news as defined by the user.

Choice of language preference – Besides English, the App interface is available in 12 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Gurmukhi/Punjabi, Odiya, Bangla and Assamese


Now Get Maximum from Broadcast Advertising and Serve Your Customers in Real Time

A Unique Intellectual Property providing a Revolutionary and a Future-Ready platform that for the first time allows advertisers to leverage the buzz created through broadcast advertising and serve their customers with customized ads in real-time on their mobile devices.

OTS2 only believes in the Power of Systematic Repetition, however good your communication, if it fails to Insta-engage with your customers, it absolutely fails to deliver any monetary results. Our platform with its proprietary class-act technology now makes it possible to firstly analyze how your customers have reacted to your broadcast advertising and then serve them with personalized Ads with absolute finesse helping you close a sale at the moment of truth and get maximum from every rupee you spend on broadcast advertising.